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Home Page - Fossils for sale

  Welcome to Fossil Connections, your number one source for authentic, affordable fossils of all sorts and sizes from all over the world. We offer fossils for sale for the junior paleontologist as well as for the more seasoned connoisseurs. Our website has fossils from all time eras, and we're sure that you'll find something of interest here. All fossils offered for sale by Fossil Connections were legally obtained and are guaranteed to be authentic, genuine fossils.


  Website Last Updated: 4/8/2015 (See the New Items page for our latest additions)  
  About Our Team:  
  Stanley Davis  
  All of the items offered on this website are from the personal collection of Stanley Davis, a long time and MAJOR fossil collector and a very  
  knowledgeable paleontologist who is liquidating his own personal collection. He is the person to contact to place any fossil orders, as specified on our "How to Order" webpage.  
  David Tanking  
  David is our main man in the field, who's expertise crosses many areas from searching for and finding new dig sites, to conducting digs on sites he's located, to the transporting and processing of fossil finds. Be sure to see Dave at work on our Dave's Workshop Page  
  Terry Baxter  
  Terry is our resident webmaster and computer guru who handles all of the computer related demands for this website. He's also our first point of contact for customers  
  who are interested in buying any of our great offerings.  
  Our Research Team  
  We owe a debt of gratitude to numerous individuals from all over the world who have helped with the classification of many items on our website.  
  Thank-you Tony Perez, and Carl Locker as well as many others who wished to remain anonymous.  
  Our "Heavy Moving" and Stock Handling Team  
  And we can't forget to mention our "heavy lifters" who handle all the stock and keep us organized... thank-you, Mark Canerday, Johnny SanNicolas, Darrell Green and Dion Delapina  


Be sure to visit our friends by clicking on their banner links below:


And if you have any interest in Ancient Artifacts and stone-age tools, be sure to pay a visit to our "Sister Website", WesternArtifacts.com:


All fossils sold by Fossil Connections are guaranteed to be authentic, genuine, legally obtained specimens.
Any restoration whenever it appears on any specimen is explicitly described in detail.



Just a word about our fossil offerings found in China... In 2002 the government of China made it illegal to export fossils out of the country without special permits and a lot of red tape (no pun intended). Because of this, fossils from China which appear on the market after 2002 are mostly FAKE, in a great variety of ingenious (and very devious) ways... I won't go into detail to describe the various methods Chinese merchants are using to making fake fossils, suffice it to say that there are MANY techniques they use, but fake is still fake! OUR fossils from China were obtained before these restrictions were enacted, and have been in a private collections for the past 11 years, and all of these are the REAL DEAL, GUARANTEED!

Fossils from Peru and Argentina

Likewise, all of our fossil offerings which originated from Peru or Argentina were legally purchased prior to the Fossil embargo instituted by these countries.


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