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How to Order, How to contact us

Simply EMAIL the item number(s) of the items you wish to purchase (and quantity, if applicable) to: crotalus5150@yahoo.com (Stanley Davis) and we will send you an order confirmation which will explain how to pay for the items you're interested in purchasing. (The item numbers are located above the photograph for each Fossil offered for sale) Shipping costs are extra for larger, heavy and/or fragile items or for orders which are to be shipped outside of the United States and will be provided upon request. For these items we would be happy to discuss shipping options with you. Sorry, we currently aren't set-up to accept credit card payments, although we're working on it to add this feature to our website shortly. Thank-you.
Stanley Davis
Fossil Connections
P.O. Box 6147
Vacaville, CA  95696
Remember, your best source for information about "what is it", "what do I have" and any other fossil or rock collections is always one of the
hundreds of Fossil Discussion groups which can be found on the internet through a simple "Fossil Discussion Groups" google search... you'll most
likely get many more answers more quickly than we could respond during our busy periods. Thank-you.


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