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Dave's Workshop Page

Our main man in the field is Dave Tanking... This page shows Dave at work in the field as well as behind the scenes, in the lab. Dave is an extremely knowledgeable one-man dynamo who handles it all in the vast world of Paleontology.

Hello, my name is David Tanking I am 49 years old and have been collecting fossils all my life. The following photos show the excavation of a large Gillicus arcuatus, from the Smoky Hill chalk of Kansas USA. I would like to thank all my collecting partners for their faith and friendship over the decades, and hope you enjoy the fossils and artifacts that Terry has made available through this fantastic website----  Dave


Dave at work:
Here's Dave in the field, unearthing a 7' long Gillicus Arcuatus, Fossil fish skeleton
Can you imagine telling your wife that you're going "fishing" and then coming home with something like this?
From the field, to the lab, Dave handles it all!
Dave and Fred (Fred's been on a diet lately, in this photo)
Our man Dave is back from the field, but the work has only just begun. Here's Dave working on an Uintacrinus matrix, with a dental pick no less. Our hats are off to you, Dave, both for your dedication and persistence!


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